Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fever Strikes!

As the moon goes down you never know what will happen... last night it turned out fever struck Little Man!  It always seems to happen in that bewitching 9 o'clock hour.  Just when you think you are in the clear for the night an unmistakable screeching comes from the monitor.  No mistaking when it is a fever.  Little Man never cries like that any other time and then he is red-hot to the touch when I pick him up.  So, I'm guessing those so-called two-year molars aren't really two-year molars.  Little Man's will probably end up being 20 month molars.  Poor guy, but at least he will be in the clear once that's over.  All 20 teeth!  Right now he is at 16 and I can barely remember his gummy grin.  Seems like only yesterday, hmmm.  

Before the fever.... yesterday was a great day.  We went to the beach for lunch, sat outside in the breezy air listening to a live band.  Little Man had the dancing bug, he couldn't stop, it was so cute to see him dance to Daddy's favorite music.  The group was like a dream come true for Hubby, and the location with a beer.  Does it get any better?!  Little Man had such a great time and we enjoyed a nice walk on the boardwalk.  The perfect afternoon totally made up for the fever.  Hopefully Little Man is on the route to cutting those teeth and this fever will be a distant memory!  

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