Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Man Meets Milkshakes

Within the last few weeks Little Man has learned how to use a straw. He has wanted to try in the past, but it has usually been when I've had a caffeinated beverage I couldn't share.  When it's something he can't have I just tell him it's "Hot!" and keep it away from him so he can't really feel that it is cold.  At least hot things are definitely not things he wants right now, anything warmer than room temperature is hot to him right now.  

A few weeks ago I got a Chick-fil-a peach milkshake, yummmm... Little Man decided it looked so good he had to give the straw a try. Before I knew it peaches were going up the straw!  Oh my gosh, I didn't expect him to catch on, I thought he'd give it 5 seconds get frustrated and quit.  No luck, so I look at it as a reason to get a Chick-fil-a milkshake once and awhile.  Cookies 'n cream is our flavor of choice.  So yummy.  

Today we were at the mall, it was lunchtime, so I got the chicken nugget meal and substituted a milkshake for the soda.  You have to pay a little extra, but I'd rather get the calcium, that's the excuse I have for milkshakes!  I shared the whole meal with Little Man, I've found he still eats so little of a meal it would be a waste of moo-la to get him his own.  Boy, did he go crazy afterward as we walked around the mall. I've never seen Little Man so happy, giggly and dancing around with his arms to his own tune as he rode around in his stroller. A couple of little girls even asked me why he was laughing so much! All I could say was he'd had some sugar. I love having the reason to get milkshakes and sharing them with Little Man makes them even better!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July calls for Strawberries!

I love anything with strawberries and blueberries for the 4th of July. Actually, for most of the summer!  So, when I saw a yummy recipe on the Stonyfield Farm yogurt container for Melt-in-your-mouth Strawberry Muffins I decided we had to have them for our 4th of July breakfast. 

The muffins were sooo yummy!  But, Little Man didn't seem to have the greatest reaction to them.  I haven't thought that he's shown any signs of allergies so far, but on the way to the pool after breakfast he just started crying.  Poor Little Man had a runny nose and puffy watery eyes. We still went to the pool because I was originally thinking maybe he just didn't want to be tied down to his car seat.  At the pool he showed that he just couldn't get over whatever was bothering him.  Although he loved the wading pool he was just watery eyes and runny nose, awwww...

I started to think that it could be an allergy though because when I thought about when else he has exhibited these symptoms, it came to another time when Grandpa fed him some pancake with strawberry sauce.  That time we were at IHOP and Little Man swallowed and a few minutes later he projectile vomited all over the whole table.  The only time that has happened so far, knock on wood.  So sad, and so embarrassing at the same time!  

I think I'll put off attempting strawberries again for awhile, and next time I'll make sure it's when we are going to hang around the house and see if symptoms arise.  At least once Little Man got some other food and milk in him the symptoms seemed to subside, and we enjoyed the rest of our 4th of July hanging out in the sun for a bit and barbecuing at home.  We hope everyone else enjoyed their Independence Day too!