Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Date Night!

Hubby and I were so excited to get to go on a date night Saturday!  First time in months and months.  Hard to believe that it wasn't so long ago that we went on a date night Friday, Saturday, Sunday.... We still go out with Little Man, he is actually quite the entertainment in a restaurant. As long as the people around us don't mind a one-year-old turning around again and again in his high chair just to see how many smiles he can get.  

Luckily, my Mom was visiting and we could just go.  So nice to know that Little Man was in the safe hands of his Grandma while we were out enjoying a nice meal.  Hubby enjoyed a good Sam Adams, while I sipped a nice glass of Pinot Noir.  Now, that is something we don't do with Little Man, you never know if the need might arise to scarf the rest of a meal and clear out (Yes, I said scarf).  You know, "Always be prepared," used to be a girl scout motto, but it's also a parenthood motto.  

We went to see the movie "Angels and Demons," great movie.  I've loved all of Dan Brown's books, but I have to say it probably helped that it had been awhile since I'd read it and wasn't making comparisons the whole time.  I'd definitely recommend it, even being Catholic and all.  I really don't understand all the hoop-la, it's a story get over it!  

It was nice to go out, but of course, I still went in to check on Little Man so sweet and asleep. Grandma said he was so tired out he didn't even talk as he went to sleep.  Too tired for a chat with Thumper, Brownie and SkipIt?  Unheard of, must have been a good night for him too. Hubby and I really appreciated the night out and look forward to the next one...

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