Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Father-Son Bonding

Over the last couple of weeks Hubby and Little Man have had a lot of bonding going on, and it's been great to see!  They especially love "rough-housing," you can just hear it in Little Man's giggles and Hubby's great laugh.  Hubby has also been giving Little Man almost all of his baths. It has been a nice break for me!  I think that Little Man's favorite part is that Daddy lets him run around complete "free" with nothing on for quite awhile afterward.  (There has been an accident or two, but Little Man enjoys it too much to put an end to it right now!)  I tend to be the Mommy who takes him right from the towel to the diaper, no worry of cleanup then...

Today it became especially apparent that Hubby was going to miss Little Man, going underway, yet again.  Little Man was sitting at a table chair next to Hubby and when I came in the room Hubby was practically crying, so sad!  I think this is the first time it has really hit Hubby how much he is going to miss Little Man because they are having so much fun.  We're already looking forward to Daddy's homecoming!  

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