Tuesday, April 28, 2009

About Time

I have so many friends who are becoming bloggers that I've become inspired to blog yet again! What better time than when 1-year old Little Man is sitting on my lap trying to type too?....

Ok, bath time and bed time are over with, so now I'm freeeeee!!!  All you Moms out there know the feeling, it's finally my time!  Which, for me, usually equates to laundry, knitting, cleaning, knitting, not too hard to tell what I enjoy doing with my time.  

Since I last blogged I've completed quite a bit.  I finished a cabled wrap for my Mom, my February Lady Sweater (pictured, http://www.ravelry.com/projects/gaylynsdesigns/february-lady-sweater) and a baby girl blanket for a friend.  Now, I'm onto a teddy bear, a summery sweater and a nautical sweater for Little Man.  As I'm becoming more adventurous with my knitting I'm also buying better and better yarn.  Who knew knitting could become such an expensive hobby?!  Hubby likes what I've knit so much that he suggested I just make all my sweaters now, until I told him how expensive the materials were.  Oh well, he knows I love it!

I made up my own pattern for the wrap because I just couldn't find the right one at the time.  I will be sure to post it!  

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