Sunday, November 15, 2009

"He's Sooo Good!"

That's the compliment I got today at church. I accepted it graciously, although I know this good behavior in church has gotten to be a rarity. So, I told Little Man how proud he made me again and again, while we were on the way to the grocery store afterward. This wasn't just any trip to the grocery store either, it was the "donut" bribery reward trip!

Of course as we walked around the store I couldn't help thinking what happened differently before church this morning to make Little Man behave so well? Could it have been that he was allowed more time to play? Was it that I had him help me organize some things in my recipe book? Did he just get more Mommy time before we went there? Sometimes I just don't know, so right now I've decided just be thankful that I have such a good boy...

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