Friday, October 23, 2009

"The Cup"

Last weekend I went to the greatest shop! Imagine a lingerie shop where you don't have to find your own bras, you don't even have to think about how it fits! It was awesome!

I went at the encouragement of Hubby, he thought it was about time I got a good bra that really fit. So, at least I knew I wouldn't have to end up feeling guilty since he wanted me to go ;o) It is called "The Full Cup" and it is a European bra fitting type of specialty store. They carry every size imaginable and they fit you.

Picture this, you walk in and there is such a nice waiting area, wait am I at a spa?! Nope, there's a manequin with lingerie on. Hmmm.... I wait for my appointment time and I'm whisked to my own private room. Now, all I have to do is stand in front of the mirror in my bra without a shirt on so my rib size and cup size can be measured. All with the bra on, so not too bad for the modest either. Next the lady fitting me brings in a single bra, that's right, not the pile I feel like I need for trial and error at all the other stores. Not being modest (after having a baby anyway) I remove my old bra and she assists me in putting on this new beautiful everyday bra. She adjusts the straps and everything. She tells me how to adjust myself properly, lift up and in, then spread out at the cleavage so they both "stay in their own house." Who knew that if your bra really fit properly they should each be supported, not smushed together to show cleavage? Then I learn about "rule of thumb," which means if your straps are adjusted right you can slide your thumb underneath the strap, but no more. I wanted a little more lining than this bra had to offer, so off she went and brought back yet another beautiful bra. I loved it. No riding up, the true test, raise and lower your arms and it shouldn't move on you. It fit so great, I asked how much it cost (I was expecting a high number just for the bra-fitting experience), turned out this style was only $56 each! I'll take 2 I said! As she went off to get another I grudgingly started to put on my old bra, thinking it felt horrible after the new one! The fitter came back, "Oh no," she said, "I'm going to adjust this new one for you, cut off the tags and you can wear it out the door!" Awesome, I haven't gotten to do something like that since I was a kid with new shoes!

Even better, I contacted the store about a non-profit Mom's group I'm a part of and asked if they would be willing to donate some type of doorprize or raffle item and they said yes! I picked it up today and it is a great basket with some lingerie washing liquid, facial cleanser, and a gift certificate! Too bad I can't win, that would just look suspect.

I recommend a real bra-fitting store to all my friends now, they even work with you on changing your bra during pregnancy and they sell real supportive nursing bras. Next time I need one I'm not going to get the embarrassing rags, I'm going for the real thing!

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